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Bureau of Plant Industry

The Philippines' Bureau of Plant Industry (Filipino: Kawanihan ng Paghahalaman), abbreviated as BPI, is an agency of the Philippine government under Department of Agriculture responsible for serving and supporting the Philippine plant industry sector.


Vision and Mission

History of the Bureau of Plant Industry

Laws Governing BPI

BPI Logo

Organizational Chart


BPI Approved Rationalization

Production Guide


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BPI History

BPI HistoryIn January 1, 1930 by virtue of Act 3639 of the Philippine Legislature, The Bureau of Agriculture was split to the Bureau of Animal Industry and Bureau of Plant Industry. 


BPI Logo

BPI LogoRepresentative of the initials of the Bureau of Plant Industry, the two leaves stand for B; the right leaf growing out of the good earth, for P; the grain, for I. 


Reports / Documentation

Reports / DocumentationReport / Documentation Outputs of Bureau of Plant Industry.


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