History of the Bureau of Plant Industry

In January 1, 1930 by virtue of Act 3639 of the Philippine Legislature, the Bureau of Agriculture was split to the Bureau of Animal Industry and Bureau of Plant Industry. The said Act defined the powers and functions of the two agencies. The Bureau of Animal Industry taking over all activities concerning animals, animal diseases and industrialization of animal products and the Bureau of Plant Industry taking over the tasks on plant research and crop production.

 As created through series of laws, Executive and Administrative Orders, BPI has the primary tasks of:

- Promoting the development of plant industries through research and development;

- Crop production

- Crop protection and,

- Effective technology promotion and transfer.

 It is the main agency of the Department of Agriculture which sets the directions for the:

- Accelerated development of modern crop technologies and

- Proper packaging and dissemination to the end-users that would increase their farm productivity and ultimately improve the living standards of the farmers

Through Executive order 116 of President Corazon C. Aquino in January 1987, BPI was reorganized to become a staff bureau under the production group of the renamed Department of Agriculture.

-As such, the BPI is responsible for the:

- Production of improved planting materials

- Protection of agricultural crops from pests and diseases

- Improvement and development of farm equipment and other elated farm structures

- Preparation of programs on seed and plant material production, selection and certification as well as guidelines for its implementation

- Formulate plant quarantine policies, rules and regulations for the prevention, control and eradication of plant (its products and by-products) pests and diseases, and

- Recommends to the Secretary of agriculture plans, programs, policies, rules and regulations and provide technical assistance in its implementation


E.O. 338 of Pres. Joseph Ejercito Estrada in January 10, 2001, strengthened these functions. E.O. 338 redefined BPI's functions to be the following:

- Conduct upstream research and development on various crops, namely tropical fruits, legumes, white potatoes and semi-temperate

- Conserve the Philippine natural genetic resources for continued development of new crop varieties of superior horticultural and agronomical characteristics,

- Provide plant pest surveillance and early warning information that would ensure effective crop management for the protection of the Philippine crop industry; and

- Ensure the availability of basic seeds and quality plant materials of recommended crop varieties/cultivars.

The Bureau of Plant Industry implements the program of the Department of Agriculture to help the Filipino farmers on the following:

- Plant genetic resource conservation and management

- Improving crop farming system through R & D

- Production of quality seeds and planting materials

- Plant pest surveillance and forecasting

- Assisting farmers on pest management system and control strategies

- Enforcement of plant quarantine laws, rules and regulations

- Farm mechanization

- Provision of analytical services on physico-chemical, microbiological and pesticide residue analysis

- Development of processing technologies on utilization of agricultural crops and its by-products

- Provision of services on seed testing and seed certification

In December 15, 2000, the Bureau of Plant Industry under the leadership of Atty. BLO Umpar Adiong, was certified as ISO 9002 and considered as having a world class management system.

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