Vision / Mission





Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) is a government agency which implements programs of the Department of Agriculture to help the Filipino farmers on plant genetic resource conservation and management; improving crop farming system through R&D; Production of quality seeds and planting materials; plant pest surveillance and forecasting; assisting farmers on pest management system and control strategies; enforcement of plant quarantine laws, rules and regulations; farm mechanization; provision of analytical services on physico-chemical, microbiological and pesticide residue analysis; provision of services on seed testing, seed certification and planting materials certification.

BPI, as one of the staff bureaus of the Department of Agriculture, is mandated to serve and support the Philippine plant industy sector. It is therefore committed to meet and satisfy the needs of its stakeholders in the areas of crop research, protection and production, analytical services, seed quality assurance, plant quarantine, agricultural engineering services and food safety, as well as comply and implement existing regulations and support/advocate the formulation of new regulations.

The BPI likewise regularly reviews its quality policies and objectives to keep them attuned with the present and future requirements of its clients. The agency also ensures that its quality policy is upheld, maintained, implemented and enhanced in terms of production planning of improved planting materials; preparation of program for the selection, certification and production of improved planting materials, including guidelines for its implementation; protection of agricultural crops from pests and diseases; recommend plant quarantine policies and prescribe rules and regulations for the prevention control and eradication of pests, diseases, and injuries to plant and plant products; development and improvement of farm equipment and other related structures to the plant industry; recommend plans programs, policies, rules and regulations to the Secretary and provide technical assistance in the implementation of the same; and ensure safe supply of fresh agricultural crops and promote its export (RA 7394-Consumer Act)




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