Agricultural Engineering Division


The Agricultural Engineering Division is the constituent unit of the Bureau of Plant Industry mandated to address the need to improve farming operations to optimize the use of farm resources – land, labor and capital. Since 1932, the Division has operated by applying engineering concepts in crop production and advocated farm mechanization aimed at expanding production areas.

Agricultural production involves various activities/operations that necessitate the effective application of labor, power and materials in the farm. From land preparation to planting, harvesting to post-production, the farmer uses technology. Appropriate technology gives the farmers the best chance of gaining more, either by increased production or reduced losses or reduced cost of labor among others. These principles guide the Agricultural Engineering Division in the implementation of its key programs, projects, and other activities.

The Division has expanded its effort in applying engineering principles not only to land preparation, but to other aspects of crop production such as planting, water, fertilizer and pest management, harvesting and post-harvest activities. It has also ventured on the development of research and developmment (R&D) farm infrastructures which serve as support facilities for the BPI National Crop Research, Development and Production Support Centers (NCRDPSCs) and Model S.E.E.D. farms, in the production of quality seeds and planting materials.

Recognizing the situation-specific conditions of various agricultural activities, the Agricultural Engineering Division, through its resources, extensive linkages with other agricultural development institutions and its agricultural mechanization transfer program, continues to work towards developing appropriate technologies available to farmers. 




An era where there is a wide choice of affordable, efficient and effective farm equipment for the farmers’ specific needs


To develop appropriate machinery and infrastructure designs for the modernization of the centers and special projects





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