Crop Pest Management Division


The Crop Pest Management Division is the agency's arm tasked to administer crop pest management services anchored on optimization of crop harvests for greater food and economic sustainability. It traces its roots way back in 1932, upon the promulgation of Act No. 4007, known as the Reorganization Law of 1932, creating the Plant Sanitation Division.

The Division underwent several reorganizations. On April 1952, during the Third Republic, it was named as the Plant Pest and Disease Control Division.The Division took the name Pest and Disease Control Division by virtue of Reorganization Plan No. 30-A, as implemented by Executive Order No. 216, implemented on January 16, 1957. It became the Crop Protection Division under the Integrated Reorganization Plan of 1972, until it assumed its present name as mandated by the government's most recent reorganization plan. 




Strengthen crop pest management services in the country by employing pest management strategies that are effective, safe and environment friendly to increase farm productivity, food sufficiency and security.


  • To provide direction in the establishment of sustainable bio-control agents production systems in community through integrated pest management
  • To conduct pest surveillance and monitoring; analyze pest incidence and issues pest advisories
  • To develop and maintain repository of data and provide national plant health status 





Pest Forecasting Section

Bio-Control and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Section

Plant Health and Pest Status Section