Dr. Michael Turner consultant of AVRDC meets with the BPI Division and Center Chiefs last February 10 at the BPI Conference Hall.  Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center (AVRDC) or the World Vegetable Center was organized to alleviate poverty and malnutrition in developing nations through the improved production and consumption of nutritious and health-promoting vegetables.  Dr. Turner has been assigned to follow up on the impact of the use of the improved AVRDC lines of tomato and pepper germplasm in South East Asian countries. He was scheduled to meet with public and private breeders in the country to discuss their use of such material and its impact on seed production in the region to help AVRDC, national programs and seed companies provide farmers with better seeds.

Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI), as the regulatory agency for seed variety registration welcomed Dr. Turner. Dr. Herminigilda Gabertan Chief of the Los Baños National Crop Research Development and Production Support Center (LBNCRDPSC) provided an overview on AVRDC and BPI’s collaboration. BPI and ASSP/PCARRD (Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development) funded the project entitled “Testing of AVRDC Vegetable Varieties in the Philippines”

The conducted researches were confined in the Five (5) AVRDC crops such as Mungbean, Soybean, Sweet Potato, Chinese Cabbage and Tomato. Since then, continuous breeding materials were received and evaluated under the BPI. With several vegetable materials received from AVRDC since 1975, some lines of sweet potato (2) Chinese cabbage (1) and tomato (3) were approved. From a project funded by PCAARRD, 3 out of 7 lines of eggplant and 1 hot pepper out of 5 lines were identified as resistant rootstocks for vegetable grafting technology.

However AVRDC lines used as parental stock were recently given provisional release as regional varieties due to a need for material transfer agreement of parent materials. Dr. Turner said he would look into this issue.

Assistant Director Dante V. Fidel thanked Dr. Turner and AVRDC for their continuous support in improving production of vegetables to relieve hunger and poverty. He also asked Dr. Turner to continue providing BPI with trainings and internships to further expand their technical capabilities in Breeding, Crop Protection, Vegetable Nutrition, Hydroponics and Genebank Management. 

AVRDC and BPI revitalized relationship promised improved vegetable lines in the seed industry. 


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