Manaoag, Pangasinan The Department of Agriculture thru National Seed Quality Control System (BPI-NSQCS) headed by Regional Chief, Dr. Benito S. Andaya with Pangasinan Organic Seed Growers and Nursery Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MPC) conducted a special meeting on 7th of November 2019 .

A total of 43 participants attended the meeting which composed of 11 Seed Growers (SG) and 32 Seed Inspectors (SI) covering 32 municipalities of Pangasinan to discuss the preferred varieties for inbred seed production and distribution in order to meet the deadlines with regards to the program of Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) for dry season FY 2019-2020.

The target certified seeds to be produced are 125,114 bags (40 kgs/bag) for RCEF and 6,000 bags (40 kgs/bag) for the buffer stocks of the National Rice Program. Preferred varieties: NSIC Rc 222, NSIC Rc 216, NSIC Rc 160, NSIC Rc 400 and NSIC Rc 358 for RCEF. While, Buffer stocks for National Rice Program consists of NSIC Rc 222, NSIC Rc 216, NSIC Rc 160, NSIC Rc 300 and NSIC Rc 238. Likewise, seed production and seed certification were discussed by Ms. Irene T. Estrada & Ms. Monette B. Merlin, respectively.

Dr. Myer G. Mula, BPI Special Adviser for Research & Seed Systems reiterated that the participants should support the program to attain the objective of the Secretary’s (Dr. William D. Dar) “Masaganang Ani, Mataas na Kita”. In addition, the ‘One Village, One Variety’ Model of seed production would be implemented to ease in mechanization (land preparation , sowing, transplanting, cultural management, certification, harvesting etc.); exponential market returns by smallholder farmers; purity of seed is maintained in subsequent years by avoiding out-crossing; potential yield is maintained; farmers maintains desirable varietal traits (high yields, wilt resistance, etc.); avoid mixtures in harvesting; easy to monitor for seed certification, crop inspection, and farmers will become entrepreneur.