Ms. Mary Ann B. Guerrero, BPI-CRPSD Chief above presented Button Mushroom Production before 80 participants from the LGU of Baguio City.


Mushroom program 2019

City Hall, Baguio City — The Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) represented by Dr. Myer G. Mula, BPI Special Adviser for Research and Seed System; Ms. Mary Ann B. Guerrero, CRPSD Chief; and Dr. Jesus Aspuria, BPI-Baguio National Research Center Chief were invited by the LGU of Baguio to present Urban Agriculture and Button Mushroom Production Technology during their Executive Legislative Meeting last November 11, 2019.

Urbanization is one of the issues that policymakers in Baguio need to address, thus BPI proposed urban agriculture program as a part of the solution.

The program’s primary objective is to develop food and nutritional self-reliance among urban dwellers in promoting the use of sustainable and appropriate farming and food system technologies and to increase the Baguio City’s per capita consumption of vegetables.

Specifically, the program aims to showcase food crop production using various technologies in household space, school premises, and barangay lots through organic farming, ‘Familia’ type irrigation system, container farming, etc.

The strategy is to establish barangay and school gardens as food sources, genebanks and learning laboratories of students, and produce a home gardening manual based on the experiences obtained from this undertaking.

To avoid project redundancy and overlapping of programs, Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong recommended that the urban-agri program be handled by Dr Bridgit Piok. Vegetables grown in the school garden will be the source of healthy food for feeding programs. The program will be implemented thru fund sharing and counterparting scheme among involved agencies and offices.


Baguio City as Mushroom Capital of the Philippines

Baguio City being dubbed as Summer Capital of the Philippines can have an additional title as “Mushroom City of Philippines” thru massive growing of button mushroom.

The potential of Baguio City and other highland municipalities in the Cordilleras for the production of high-end type of mushrooms like king oyster and shiitake can also be explored. These mushrooms can only be grown in cool areas like Baguio.

Adopting mushroom cultivation as an allied agricultural activity would greatly enhance the Philippine agriculture. It is a valuable crop that helps to increase the sales and profits not only of growers and wholesalers but of restaurateurs and grocers. Mushroom growers contribute to the environmental well-being by efficiently utilizing agricultural by-products.

Mr. Bonifacio Dela Peña, City Administrator emphasized that button mushroom production is a very good business. Also, Mayor Magalong promoted the mushroom production as an alternative livelihood by putting-up similar facility in the City.

The popularization of button mushroom and other high-end type of mushrooms can be done with the technical know-how of DA-BPI towards research, development and cultivation technologies. Marketing strategies will be incorporated in the project through the marketing arm of the Department of Agriculture.

The meeting was attended by the City Mayor’s office, department heads of DILG, City Prosecutor's Office, Public Information Office of Baguio, Department of Education, and media.


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