Last January 25, 2017 at 246 Brgy Maite, Hermosa, Bataan, during the Pineapple Festival we were privileged to taste one of the sweetest and most succulent pineapples in the country. It’s so tasty that you can eat it down to its core. It is called Ulam Pine. True to its name, this pineapple can be a viand or “Ulam” to our steaming rice.


Ulam Pine is a variety of pineapple developed from a cross of wild spring Brazilian species and a standard non-spiny Hawaiian hybrid. This is a product of more than 30 years of passion and hard work of Dr. Juan C. Acosta, a plant scientist and agriculture expert. He named this premium hybrid to his only daughter MALU. On November 2009, Plant Variety Protection certificate was issued to this novel cultivar.


PVPO, in collaboration with the JCAcosta Corporation, Ulam Pine suckers and planting technology were transferred from Bukidnon to Bataan. Mr. Luis Nate, our Farmer Co-operator willingly adopted the technology and just after few months, we taste the sweet fruit of their labours.


A ceremonial pineapple picking and tasting were held with representatives from the Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry, HVCDP, DA-RFO III, Local government officials, barangay officials and farmers from different municipalities in Bataan. It was made more meaningful with the attendance of the children of Dr. Juan Acosta, Dr. Nereus Acosta and the famous Malu herself, Rep. Malou Acosta - Alba. A blind taste test was conducted among three pineapple varieties planted in Mr. Nate’s farm. Who won the best tasting crown? Of course, the Ulam Pine!


Also, experts shared propagation techniques on how a single crown can produce up to 25 pineapple suckers.


The best part was perhaps, when we were allowed to take home those pineapples that we just harvested, less the crowns, of course. 


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