In pursuit to capacitate the Plant Quarantine Inspectors on the basic quarantine procedures, the National Plant Quarantine Services Division (NPQSD) conducted its third wave of Orientation Training of Plant Quarantine Inspectors on Plant Quarantine Operations at the NPQSD Conference Room last 20-24 of March 2017.

Around 30 participants coming from different quarantine stations attended the said training wherein pre-course evaluations were given on the first day to gauge their level of understanding on different quarantine procedures.

Anchored by the governing law of PD 1433, the topics primarily focused on concepts of Plant Quarantine Laws as an implementing guide to numerous Plant Quarantine activities. Discussed were the basic principles of WTO SPS Agreement and concepts of Pest Risk Analysis which are all necessary for the conduct of phytosanitary measures. The training also covered discussions on import, export and domestic protocols for airports and seaports operation.

The new guidelines for the issuance of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Import Clearance (SPSIC) were also taken up in details. It was emphasized that quarantine inspectors must examine closely the necessary documents needed before releasing the shipment.

Moreover, the participants were also enlightened with the domestic orders and memoranda for prohibited movement of plants and planting materials. This is to make them become adept in preventing further spread of diseases already present from the infested to non-infested areas.

To evaluate if the participants have fully understood the topics discussed, they were divided into different groups. Each group has given a scenario where they have to reenact actions of the different situations on issuances of domestic, import and export permits.

The training came to a close on the fourth day with OIC – Director Vivencio R. Mamaril who delivered a short message. The training was successful as the participants had strengthened their knowledge and skills to carry out their duties effectively, as they were also apprised with training modules for their references and further readings.





The third batch of participants to the Orientation Training of Plant Quarantine Inspectors on Plant Quarantine Operations with BPI OIC – Director Vivencio R. Mamaril, NPQSD OIC – Chief Ariel J. Bayot and training facilitators.